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Now in the fifth year of filming, each student has created a new path for themselves in the design world. With two new graduates and many cast members moving out of New York City, this year has been full of exciting changes.


This past spring Annamarie Gavin graduated from the Independent Design Program at Parsons School of Design. She works across a number of disciplines including Fashion and Illustration. She takes great inspiration from the semester she spent at sea circumnavigating the globe visiting dozens of countries. This summer Annamarie continues her travels to Australia.



This spring Sterling graduated from the New School's dual degree program combining a BFA in Fashion Design and a BA in Journalism at Eugene She left a lifetime of ballet study to switch gears into this new focus. The focus and determination she learned in ballet has crossed over into the time consuming work she produces in her designs.


Rachel graduated from the fashion program at Parsons School of Design in the spring of 2014. In her time at Parsons, Rachel focused her studies on fur and knitwear. Through her designs she explores the industries prevalent in her hometown Austin, Texas. After graduation Rachel moved to Australia and now creates crocheted and printed lifestyle products.



Perry graduated from the Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design in spring 2014. Through the program he was able to explore jewelry and accessory design. Perry is still developing his designs in NYC.


Since his graduation in spring 2014, Paul has paved his way from the fashion program at Parsons School of Design to Nike's Menswear department in Portland, Oregon. Through his time at Parsons, Paul proved to be a complex and gifted individual with quite the story to tell.



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